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About us

The best pet nutrition

With decades of experience in pet food business, DIVINUS was created based on a deep knowledge of the entire chain of value, from production and commercialization, to the final costumer.

Our veterinarians specialized in nutrition have developed complete and balanced formulas adapted to the health needs of our pets at each stage of their lives.

Our aim is to offer the best food at fair prices.

Our daily drive for quality

Our process is the basis of our value proposition. Following the selection of only the best raw materials, we must guarantee that our products are produced in the best conditions.

That's why all our dry food is produced with the best ingredients, in facilities certified with the “Higher Level” grade by IFS Food.

This is our main focus and the reason why we can deliver the best food, at the best price.
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Our values

Passion for what we do and for who we do it. The best solution for our four-legged best friends.
Dedication in every stage of the value chain, from production to delivering our product.
Formulated by veterinarians, our products are tested and approved by our customers.
Constant support. Communication is the key to increasingly satisfied customers.