Divinus Flavour Cat Chicken and Rice
with chicken
Divinus Flavour Cat Chicken and Rice

Cat Chicken and Rice

Cereals (4% rice); Meat and animal by-products (4% chicken), Oil and fat, Legumes (4% peas), Mineral substances, Yeast (source of MOS 450 mg/kg), Plant protein extracts, By-products of vegetable origin (1% beet pulp), Carrots.
Crude Protein: 30%; Crude fibre: 2,3%; Crude Fat Content: 12%; Crude Ash: 10,8%; Omega 6 fatty acids: 2%
3a672a Vitamin A18.000 U.I
3a671 Vitamin D31.350 U.I
3a700 Vitamin E90 mg
3a880 Biotin0,9 mg
3a370 Taurine1.350 mg
Compounds of trace elements
3b103 Iron (Sulfate Monohydrate)54 mg
3b201 Iodine (Potassium iodide)1,08 mg
3b405 Copper (Copper sulphate pentahydrate)10,8 mg
3b503 Manganese (Manganous sulphate)21,6 mg
3b605 Zinc (Sulphate mono-hydrate)67,5 mg
3b607 Zinc (Zinc chelate with hydrated glycine)45 mg
3b801 Selenium (Selenite Sodium)0,16 mg
Amino acids 3c301 DL-methionine1.350 mg

Complete and balanced nutrition for cats

Formuled and recommended by veterenaries
Complete and balanced nutrition for cats
Rich in Chicken

Recommended Daily Quantities

Sterilized Cats
and/or Indoor Cats
30 g40 g50 g55 g65 g70 g75 g
Active Cats50 g65 g75 g90 g100 g110 g120 g
Complete Recipe
Complete Recipe